9 Guidelines for Successful B2B Email Marketing

November 30th, 2010 | By Adam Holden-Bache | 3 Comments

How often do you review your B2B email campaigns? A lot of B2B email marketers get into a rhythm with their campaign process. They create content, mail it and move onto the next campaign. But every so often B2B email marketers should take a step back, review their campaigns and see where they can breathe new life into their email newsletters and other email communications.

B2B Magnifying GlassIn the effort of improving your email campaigns, here’s some guidelines that may help you rethink your current process and provide some insights on ways you can improve your marketing.

1. Don’t forget your objectives. Are you trying to grow relationships? Provide educational information? Drive a purchase?
2. Be human. Just because B2B emails are professional communications, it doesn’t mean you should fill up your email with business-speak. People buy from people. Relationships matter.
3. Don’t rely on images. Keep the email text-centric. Lots of browsers common in business settings turn off images by default, and your professional recipients are more likely to pay attention to emails with business-related information.
4. Be relevant. If your message isn’t relevant, don’t send it. Sending emails just to hit a frequency cap or “because you have to” will not sit well with your audience. Relevance should dictate frequency.
5. Segment. B2B audiences expect you to speak to them with relevant, targeted communications. Make sure you segment your list so that the right recipients get the right message. Tailor your content to each segment.
6. Add social sharing functionality. Don’t think social sharing is not usable in B2B campaigns- it’s a great way to share corporate news, business events and product or service announcements
7. Dig into your email tracking metrics. Two items you should be special attention to include:
Inactives. Get rid of anyone on your list who hasn’t had an open or click in a recent time period
Bounces from one domain. If you are seeing a lot of bounces from one domain, you may have a deliverability issue with that domain due to the email settings at the recipient level. Try to contact their IT department to resolve.
8. Measure success. Did your message meet its objectives? If not, where did it fall short?
9. Determine value. Can you show that your campaigns created real business value in a way that you can express to your colleagues and superiors? Can you express that in terms of list growth, leads or additional business?

Take the time to review your B2B email campaigns and avoid getting trapped in a repetitive cycle. Learn from each campaign and be willing to change. Make sure you’re working towards a goal and keep your goal in mind with each step of the process. By doing so you’ll realize the full value from your B2B email marketing campaigns.

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